Through globe trekking and cultural inspiration, the notion of creating a new form of practice within product design began to grow.
Circa 2015, while studying at university, Sebastian began experimenting with new materials, drawing inspiration from nature and sustainable working practices. The result was twofold: a baseball hat made of wood, and a special process that could enable its production - a process of deforming wood three-dimensionally whilst retaining flexibility.
Thus, Rootpecker was born. 

A lot has happened since that first prototype:
Sebastian has continued to perfect the initial design. Philipps’ abilities as a mechanical engineer have brought forth new technical processes in automated production by developing specialized machinery. Persistent efforts resulted in the first edition of the Woodencap: A flexible baseball cap made of wood and cotton that offers as much comfort as conventional hats.

We’ve stuck with our initial belief: produce every cap with sustainable, certified materials, through fair-trade practices in Germany. We’re proud to set a new standard in the current fashion industry.

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Company team

October 2015

It all started with an idea

Wooden accessories started to become trendy. Besides wooden watches, sunglasses and bow ties, the only key piece missing was the wooden baseball cap.

Company team

March 2016

First prototypes were produced

With the vision of developing a sustainable product, we focused on using only natural materials. The biggest challenge was shaping a solid material like wood into a three-dimensional, flexible object.

Company team

December 2016

A long way of improvements

The first prototypes were slightly stiff and heavy. We kept experimenting with different materials and working methods. Finally, we created the first flexible Woodencap made of wood, cotton, natural rubber glue and seams made of recycled PET bottles.

Company team

July 2017

Machines and processes were developed

In order to offer the caps to the broad public, we needed to make the manufacturing more efficient. Therefore we developed customized machines to optimize the production process.

Company team

March 2018

A high quality product is born

After finalizing the concept of our edition 1 , the packaging and marketing campaign, our Woodencap got awarded with the reddot award 2018 in the category of product design.

Company team

April 2018

Rootpecker at Milano Design Week 2018

First exposition of our Woodencaps at Milano Design Week in trendy Lambrate District. We received outstanding feedback by the audience!

Company team

July 2018

Rootpecker received the RedDot Design Award

We enjoyed an excellent night at the Red Dot Award Ceremony in Essen and connected with other designers.

Company team

September 2018

Optimizing production methods 

Customized machines weren't enough after all. In order to manufacture the caps more efficient, Rootpecker rearranged their entire production chain.

Company team

July 2019

More space for professional working conditions

Bigger machines require more room. We restored an entire floor of 120m² and transformed it into a well structured workshop and office.

Company team

January 2020

"Rootpecker GbR" is finally founded

After finally founding the company, the team moved into the new facilities where they are still preparing for market launch!