At the moment, our caps are only available in our Webshop. We are working on extending your options, so products will be sold through additional online channels and through retail with selected contract partners as soon as possible.

In accordance with our philosophy, Rootpecker caps are made from natural wood and textiles sourced from certified suppliers. The adjustment band is made of leather, and the closing snap is made of brass. Our adhesives are water-based.  The only synthetic material used in our caps is the yarn, which is made of plastic from recycled PET bottles.

Rootpecker’s caps are as comfy as clouds. The combination of our innovative and protected material composite, the inner cotton fabric, and a soft cotton sweatband result in a clean, comfortable, and pleasant wearing experience. Our wooden caps are only about 1/3rd heavier than conventional caps—in other words: the weight is barely noticeable. The processed wood is about 1mm thick, which provides an extreme flexibility that allows the cap to adapt to the shape of your head. The sunshade can be bent like standard caps, especially in warm temperatures.

There are currently seven different sizes: XXS, S, M, L, XL, & XXL.  Everyone’s head is shaped differently, but through this size selection,  our caps cover a head circumference of about 53.5cm - 62.5cm.

What size cap should I order?

Please click here to find instructions on how to best determine your  measurements.

Are the caps adjustable in size?

Through our incorporated snap closure, each size can be adjusted by  at least 1.5cm circumference.

The appearance of your cap will closely resemble the product photo; the design and build will remain the same. Our wood supplier pays strict attention to the consistency in the quality of the wood they provide. However, every tree has it’s own life, and each tree grows in a uniquely different way; thus, there will be slight, unique variations in grain and color from cap-to-cap. Please note that the oil and glaze also treat the seam, thereby creating tiny variations in stain color.
Ultimately, all of this means that your cap will be one-of-a-kind.

Give it a little TLC.
The initial production process paired with your attention and care means that subsequent treatment will be unnecessary. With frequent sun exposure, dark wood suffers discoloration and fading. However, we use a special UV oil  to protect the wood and counter sun damage. If your cap is exposed to rain, we recommended wiping off the water with a soft, dry cloth. Depending on frequency of use, the inner fabric can be treated with appropriate hygienic sprays.

Wood is a natural product, so our caps are meant handle the elements! The wood used in construction is oiled and glazed at the onset of production and is therefore protected from humidity and light rain. As with anything you own, excessive sun exposure, extreme temperatures, high salinity, and water logging can deform the wood and ultimately damage the fit of your cap. We cannot guarantee that our caps are submersible or washable. Direct contact with salt water should be avoided.

No worries! This is completely normal. Wood consists of an intricate web of fibers, thus it is normal to have tiny cracks in various places. Depending on the nature of the pieces of wood used to construct your cap, these fibers may be split during production by the sewing machine. As the surface of your cap is firmly pressed with a textile machine, the structure of the wood will tighten and hold in place.

Not exactly.
We use certified woods and textiles without pollutants, water-based  adhesives, plastic, cotton, leather, and brass. If you are allergic to  any of these materials or have detailed questions regarding  production methods, please contact info@rootpecker.com.

Well, we’d prefer that you wear your cap on your head. However, if you want to put your cap away for a bit, we recommend that you keep it a dry place, between -10 and 35 ° Celsius, and out of direct sunlight. The box supplied on arrival is ideal for storage.

A broken Rootpecker cap is heartbreaking sight for us. Despite our in-house quality assurance, mistakes do happen, and our caps may suffer abnormal construction damage. We want to correct this for you, immediately. In this case you can contact us at oh.no@rootpecker.com. If your cap is damaged through normal wear-and-tear, you may contact us with the issue, and we will best determine if a repair is possible.


Initial orders can be payed via several payment options. We offer Online Transfer, PayPal and payment via Credit Card. All terms of payment agreed therein apply.

After you followed the instructions in our webshop and purchased our product, you will receive a confirmation email. In case your product needs to be customized, we will finalize it within 5 working days. Every regular cap will be processed within 3 working days. Shipping details will be given in  this link .

For our initial run, we will not be accepting returns, except through the following conditions:

1. If your delivered cap has a physical defect/flaw, we will immediately exchange for a new cap after consultation.
2. If your delivered cap is not the correct size of your initial order; return and delivery shipping rates will apply.


Rootpecker products are hand-made exclusively in our workshop in Aachen, Germany.

We believe in walking a straight path with sustainable production methods, safe working conditions, and honest wage equality.
Through open, sincere communication, we ensure that our suppliers hold similar beliefs in fair-trade practices of economy, production, and employment.

We sought excellent suppliers from the very beginning. Currently all materials are sourced from within Germany, except our labels and snap closures, which come from a trusted Chinese manufacturer. Our wood supplier has the FSC seal of approval, and our textile is IVN certified.

We appreciate your interest in Rootpecker products.  Write us on  b2b@rootpecker.com. We are looking forward to get in contact with  you.

If you have further questions or concerns, please write us: hello@rootpecker.com